Sunday, July 6, 2008

Red Hot 4th

Jon and I had a great holiday weekend! We started out celebrating Independence Day with doing a bit of manual labor (Jon likes to call it that). I call it brutal yard work. Imagine Ashlyn doing yard work. I know kinda crazy!! Especially in the Arizona heat at noon time. YIKES!! No, it wasn't THAT bad after I complained to Jon I was suffering from heat stroke. Jon kept telling me, "You're not dying... Keep going!!" Believe it or not we finished trimming my parents yard at about one in the afternoon. I guess I made it through knowing that it was my parents yard and it needed some TLC since they are in Utah for the summer. However, the one great thing about the yard work was that I got a pretty good tan!

After cooling off from our manual labor excitement we headed to do shopping for Jon. He needed some shoes for work. We lucked out and found many pairs of shoes for an unbeatable price. Gotta love the bargains!!

Now it came time to actually celebrate the 4th of July and we went over to my sister Tffany's place and had a yummy BBQ with hamburgers, 7 layer dip, fruit, baked beans, and all the other 4th of July BBQ essentials. We then cooled off with a dip in her new swimming pool. The kids had tons of fun with Uncle Jon and Aunt Ashlyn partying on the holiday weekend.

The rest of the weekend was way low key. I sat around Saturday and relaxed while Jon went to work. I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! Love ya!


Eric and Tiffany Kerbs said...

okay, how many times have you changed your blog? At least three in the last few days. I like the header on this one. Black and green very cute. Now that you have mastered the layout format, Can you play around with mine? I really want my pictures up in the header. Anyway, very cute!!!

Hayden & Tonia Fraser said...

hello long lost cousins! Jon, I havent seen you forever. Its fun to keep up on what you guys are up to with a blog. I love your layout... i['m still trying to figure out the basics of this whole thing. ours is missed you guys at the reunion but it was fun to see your mom and sisters.

Lindsey said...

What a great weekend! I am impressed that you did yard work in the hot Arizona sun. I about die in the Utah sun, so I would never survive what you did. Way to go!!!

nicole said...

I would love to see you out doing yard work in the 100 degree are such a good sport! I'm glad you guys had a fun 4th, and I love your new blog design!