Friday, May 28, 2010

The Best Job Ever

What other job will you work everyday with children and make differences in a couple dozen children's lives a year? What other job will you make such a close bond with other teammates and staff members? What other job do you get to feel appreciated by parents and family members of those you teach? Only a teacher can appreciate these great things every single day.

I have had the best 4 years as a teacher at 3 wonderful schools. I have met the most amazing people along my journey. I have made a very special place for all the 99 kids that I have taught in 2nd and 4th grade. My teaching began as a whirlwind. I graduated college and got married a month later. A month after that I started teaching for my very first year! That year was great but it was blurred because I was trying to stay above water. I was getting used to married life and teacher life all at the same time. I then moved to Arizona and began teaching 2nd grade at Brinton Elementary. I was able to stay there for the longest stretch of my years of teaching so far. A big two years! WOW! I learned so much from those teachers I worked with. I also made some great friends that I will keep for the rest of my life. I think I grew the most during those two years and I developed into a true teacher during my stay there. Last year against my wishes I was moved to Hale Elementary. I was moved due to lower enrollment at Brinton and somebody had to go. Unfortunately I had the least experience and I was pushed out. I luckily had kept in touch with an amazing woman name Sue who wanted me to come work with her two years prior but the path didnt lead me there for some reason. But last year it did lead me to Hale to work with Sue and her amazing staff. I made lifelong friends with the people I worked with. I connected with my kids more than I had before. I fell in love with the close knit community and the parents that served in my classroom. I fell absolutely in love with the hidden diamond in the desert that Sue Marshall the principal calls it. Nobody really knows where Hale is but those that do, know that it is the greatest school on Earth! So even though I went there not wanting to, I now know that there was a reason because it was the best year of teaching I've had.

I have had the two most emotional days as I said goodbye to my 24 amazing students, gave farwells to my amazing teammates and principal whom I love dearly, and closed the door to a classroom that I called home for the last year! I will miss Hale so much and those that have touched my life. I am excited for my journey to Colorado and know that no matter where I am teaching, it doesn't matter because I have the best job ever because no matter the school or place, I get to meet wonderful teachers and do the thing I love most... teach precious angels!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Girlfriends are priceless

Ever wonder what it would be like without the best girlfriends in the world? I tend not to think of that because without my friends I would be lost and without everything. My friends and family are my everything. When I moved to Arizona I moved into a small ward with the greatest group of girls who were so inviting and welcoming from day one. I remember meeting Casslyn, Nicole, Celeste, Amber, Brooke, Scarlett, Lindsay, Shannon, and many others. These girls were the most talented girls I had ever met. They did everything and many had kids in addition to everything they did perfectly. I found my spot with the Fairway Groves crew and then one Sunday a new girl moved into the ward. I was immediately connected to Colleen and since that day I met her we were best of friends. Colleen is one of the most amazing women I have ever met! She does everything and does everything well! When she wants something she goes and gets it. I think I grew close to Colleen because our husbands got along so well! Many times while with the Heals we would get laughing because me and Colleen's husband Dallas were just alike and would poke fun of everyone and then Colleen and my hubby Jon were more quieter and naive! We have had good times with the Heals and we will forever call them friends and hope to see them often while in Arizona or when they move to Washington.

After living in Mesa, we bought our house a few years ago in Gilbert. We moved into another great ward where everyone again was very welcoming. I didn't find my place in this ward as easy but it happened eventually. I met another great group of women including; Chelsi, Sarah, Sherrie, Jessica, Lindsay, Amy, Tatum, Becky, Andrea, and many others. These girls were so much fun! We hung out often and did some great Meadowview girls night outs! Then while serving with our spouses in primary a few of us girls got close. I met another incredible friend Brittani and from then on I knew I had met one of my best friends that I will have forever. I haven't had a friend who I am more like than that girl. We laugh and have so many things in common from our diet coke addiction, costa vida cravings, to our skipping church problems :) Britt is such a great girl and an amazing mom. I have watched her while spending these first few months with her beautiful twins and she is an incredible mother. I know we will keep in touch with Brittani and Brandon. Hopefully we can move back to Arizona so we can be close neighbors again!

There are friends that you have had since grade school. Serena, Emily, Amorette, Julienne, Chloe, Erin, and Amy will always be my closest friends. I love and honor these girls and I love that we have been through it all together. We went from little barbie doll lovers, to geeky movie makers, then end as team ugly members! I love you girls too and I will forever call you my best friends forever!

My sisters are also my closest friends. These two girls know everything about me and know every secret I have. Tiffany and Erika are so great and I look up to both of them so much. I feel honored to call them my sisters. We have always gotten along and the older we get the closer we become. No matter if I live close or far away from them I know I can count on them to listen and to help me when I'm in need.

Friendship is one thing that I believe everyone needs in this world. Friends make you wake up in the morning. Friends help bring a smile to your face. Friends are those people closest to us that we can tell anything to. Friends are the people we want to be with! I love my friends and I will forever consider each of you my dearest and loving friends!