Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Guess what?

Yes it's true this time that the Ellsworth's are expecting a new addition to their little family! We are so excited for this bundle of joy and can hardly wait until February. After trying for a year, and nothing happening it was to my surprise when I tested positive. Everything looks great. They did find two larger cysts on my right ovary that they are watching. I have had the usual morning sickness. It was really bad at first but after learning how to handle it, and making sure I was ALWAYS eating, things got better! I'm starting to feel much better now that I'm in my 10th week. I know it will get better from here on out. Now I just can't wait to see if its a Baby Boy Ellsworth or Baby Girl Ellsworth. I think its a boy, and Jon thinks its a girl. Guess we will see in October!