Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Mile High Spring Break

Last week I spent my Spring Break in Denver visiting my long distance hubby. We had such a blast being lazy TOGETHER. Together is the keyword because since we see each other once a month we don't care what we do, all we care about is being together. It was an amazing week. We didn't do too much but we had a blast laughing TOGETHER! Our week included sleeping in, becoming pros at Tony Hawk Pro Skater, and eating out and shopping tons! I love Jon so much and it has been so hard being apart for these 6 months but I am SOOOO excited to move to Colorado. That place is beautiful and I can't wait to start our next chapter in our life.

Okay so Jon is renting this 400 square feet ghetto apartment and I couldn't resist showing off his bachelor pad. He trully is living it up at "Hella Terra" (its called Bella Terra but that's what Jon calls home). What do you expect for 400 dollars a month? Right?

This is the lovely kitchen. I can basically reach across the entire length of the kitchen.
The security in this place is top notch!

This is the entire apartment. He has room for a full size bed, small desk, tv stand, and loveseat sofa. I am embarrassed with how messy he is without his wife picking up after him. (Excuse the towels laying out to dry all over in the picture)

Again where is that maid that does his cleaning and laundry? Oh yeah she is still in Arizona. :)

Basically there is no room for me in Hella Terra. We better hope and pray we find a better place and a good job for me so we can move out of that hole!

Having some fun in the bachelor pad's bathroom. Again where is that maid fairy to clean his messy place?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Baby Ellsworth

And you are wondering why Jon and I haven't had kids yet? This is the reason!

PS. I bet my post title made lots of you curious thinking I was pregnant with Baby Ellsworth. Not yet!!!