Saturday, March 28, 2009

Softball Pros

Back in January a P.E. teacher from my school was recruiting couples to play in the city co-ed softball league. Being stupid I opened my mouth up and said, "Jon loves softball and always wished I would play. I won't tell him since he would die to play! But, I won't play.. I can't play.. I don't know how to play!" Well without really consenting my friend Mindy the P.E. teacher signed us up anyway. 5 other teachers and spouses from our school signed up. I was so scared. I had never played sports before! I was always the dancer who cared more about what she looked like, sports were never my thing. Until now I guess! Little to my surprise I have actually found an enjoyment for this sport. I have gained more self confidence for myself, Jon and I have got to spend time doing something together, and my sport abilities have gotten much better! After 6 weeks of playing, my batting skills have gotten better. I can now hit and make it to 1st base. I have only made one run for my team this season which is pretty pathetic, but we are talking about me here! Anyway, it has been so fun and I am happy Mindy ended up signing us up. I need to practice catching now cause I still dodge the ball instead of catching it. I will have to keep practicing for next season!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

S is for Sassy

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If you follow my blog and want to play, here's what you do. Leave me a "comment" that you want to play and I'll assign you a letter. You are to share with us 10 things you love... that begin with that letter. Then you play it forward and peeps will in turn leave you a comment and you can assign them a letter and on and on......Come on and play!

My letter is "S" are the things I love that begin with "S"!

1 I love being silly. My family thinks I am the entertainer!

2 I love sour patch kids. They are sour then sweet!

3 I love shopping. Just put me in a mall and I am in heaven!

4 I love sleeping in. It doesn't happen much, but when it does, it's the bomb!

5 I love a sexy man named Jon. Gotta love those muscles!

6 I love the sunshine. That is probably why I love Arizona. It is always sunny and warm here!

7 I love spending time with my family and friends. My family and friends are very special to me. I love being with them and I hope they know how much I love them all!

8 I love teaching second grade. I love my kiddos. They are my life and I love my job. I forget most days that I actually get paid for it!

9 I love scrapbooking. If I had all the money in the world I would own and live at Scrapbooks Etc.

10 I love my new sport of Softball? Okay so I couldn't think any more S things. I have started a co-ed team with Jon. Let's just I am the best right fielder ever!

Now, play! Leave me a comment & I will assign you a letter! Have fun!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Precious Grandma Cleo

On Monday evening our loving grandmother, mother, and friend was taken from us. My Grandma Cleo was in an unexpected car accident and past away later that evening at the Provo Hospital from trauma to her heart and lungs. As hard as it is to loose such a special grandma like she is, I am so happy she is in Heaven with our Heavenly Father and she is happy to be back there. I am very thankful for the Plan of Salvation and that I know I will see my grandma again! She was such an amazing woman and many would agree. She loved being with her family and friends. She enjoyed looking and painting the wonderful mountains from her window. She was also a huge NBA basketball fan. There are so many blessed memories we have of our Cleo. I will miss you Grandma and please know I love you so much!

Thank you to all of you who have been here for support. I appreciate all that everyone has done for me and my family. Thank you again!