Sunday, September 12, 2010

We are still alive!

After a hell of a month of August (and yes I will use that terminology because it really was the worst month of mine and Jon's entire life) we have made it to a new month. September has already brought us better days and we are thankful for that. School has kept Jon and I very busy. Jon goes to night school Monday-Wednesday and we never see each other because he leaves before I get home from work and im in bed snoozing before he returns. We sometimes have Thursdays together. However lately it seems like I have had school functions or Jon has had dinners and study groups on that day. So we love our weekends because we actually get to enjoy each other's company. I've been getting used to the 1st graders. Its amazing the difference between 1st and 2nd grade. I have learned to have more patience and enjoy puppets by teaching these 6 year olds! We have teetered on the decision to buy a new car and trade in one of the Ellsworth's mobiles. We will have to buy used but are wanting a SUV that would be a good snow car. Especially since my school is out there! We've looked at 4-runners, highlanders, grand cherokees, hyundai santa fe, and the lexus rx300. We don't know yet which to buy and who knows if we even will. You know how men are... One moment they want to do something and the next it isn't a good idea. I will continue to keep my fingers crossed though. As far as the baby issue goes. Many have asked when can we start trying again? Well, my OB and my High Risk OBGYN want me to wait 2-3 months because I need to get the extra doses of folic acid into my system to help with the neuro tube defect of anencephaly that our little girl had. So we will hope that we will have a healthy baby boy or girl someday soon!