Saturday, December 18, 2010


Last week Jon paid a visit to my school and brought cookies for my class. I thought nothing of it and then he started playing hangman with my class. The other 1st grade class, my principal, and my aide all came in. I was very curious to why they were also visiting. Then Jon put on the board a hangman message for me. He told the class that only I could play. So I started guessing letters and then as I figured it out I was speechless I looked around feeling nervous and sweaty and read the message out loud, "Mrs. Ellsworth, surprise you are going to Phoenix tonight!" I was so excited. My kids were confused and all they could say was how good I was at Hangman! :)

So we jumped on the flight and as soon as we landed the birthday partying didn't end until we flew home that Sunday. He got all my great friends together Friday night at Cafe Rio and surprised me with a party. Great friends, and good food! Then I got to go birthday shopping with my mom. Good thing my mom had an extra suitcase for me to take home. Then we also got to meet some new babies! We got to meet our niece Haylee Jo who is a month old and then Mason Heal. We are so excited for both our family and friends with new bundles of joys. Of course we got to spend some good time with our close friends the Romneys and play with their adorable one year old twin girls. They made us laugh and also made it hard for us to leave. But of course the time came that we had to leave but I was so grateful to spend the weekend with friends and family. Jon did it again this year and made my birthday really special.

He had also planned to take me to the Melting Pot on my actual birthday Dec. 14th but unfortunately while at school that day I started feeling really sick. So I came home and went straight to bed and we rescheduled for a few days later hoping I would feel better. It didn't go away but we still went anyway and enjoyed our time. But I'm home all this weekend laying low and trying to kick this crud I have! Yuck! Bad cough, sore throat, tired, everything! But I want to say thank you to my amazing Jon for planning an incredible birthday. Everything was great and Im thankful I got sick after it all was done! :) It was a great 27th birthday and will hope that my 27th year is full of birthday wishes for a better year than last!