Saturday, September 8, 2012

I'm Back!!!

Okay so I decided this week that I am getting back in the blogging world. I feel like it's a great place to talk about things I am going through and share our joys with our friends and family! So now that summer is officially over and school is back in session, I will now be adding to my blog regularly! This summer was SOOOOOO awesome! I really took advantage of my time off. I spent time in many different places with my friends and family! I started the summer vacation visiting friends and family in Arizona. We went back to Arizona for fun over Memorial weekend before Jon started his new job. It was great seeing everyone but it was already freaking hot and I remembered that I don't like that place that time of year. Then I came back to Denver and geared up for Girls Camp. We had a great time at Camp Joseph. The girls were wonderful and I enjoyed every minute being up there with my wonderful ward. After girls camp I headed to Utah. Jon wasn't able to come with me because of his new consulting job but I drove with my sister and her kids to Salt Lake where we met up with my parents, and my other sister and her family. We then started the Steadman Family road trip. Our first stop was Logan, Utah. We were able to show the grandkids where my parents went to school and met along with my sisters who also graduated from Utah State. Then we headed to Lava Hot Springs and spent a day there at the pool. We then headed to Blackfoot Idaho where my brother in law is from and then on to Rexburg and saw my grandmother's graveside and got to clean it up and put flowers on it. So far we had travelled to many places but our trip had barely began. We then made our way to Yellowstone. We were able to spend a few days touring this amazing place. I was amazed by that beauty of that national park. I couldn't believe it! I hope to take Jon there someday with our children. Then after Yellowstone we made our way to Jackson Hole and spent 3 days there in a fun Brady Bunch style home on the Grand Teton ski resort! Our trip then ended as we made our way back to Salt Lake City. I was able to spend a few days in Utah visiting friends and family. It's always great to be back in my hometown! Summer wasn't over when I came back mid July. I got to go camping with my ward for youth conference and was able to just relax and enjoy my time off from work. Summer was wonderful but it's always great to go back to school and get a new batch of kids. It's going to be another great year at Legacy. I've got a good group and I've made some new friends with my new coworkers. I guess it's another year with some more memories!