Thursday, August 20, 2009

I is for INSANE couple of weeks

Insane Reason #1
I am sorry I have had a pause in my A-Z posts. With school starting my blogging and facebooking has not been so great! I have been spending countless hours getting ready and surviving through the first two weeks of school. I am finally unbarring (that doesnt seem like its spelled right)myself from all my to-do's in the classroom. But I am still healthy and loving my new class! I am exhausted and I am sure after my immunity gets shot I will get sick within time!

Insane Reason #2
So last Friday Jon took his GMAT for the 2nd time and his INSANE studying the last 8 months and $1500 Kaplan study course paid off. WE got a better score than we expected and now we could go to more schools than we thought. Here we were thinking we would only have to choose out of two or three but now our lives just got more complicated. So where do you think we should go to school? Let us know by leaving a comment. The choices are.... University of Colorado Denver, Arizona State University, University of Washington Seattle, Texas A&M, Tulane University in New Orleans, University of Minnesota, University of Alabama, or University of Michigan?

Friday, August 7, 2009

H is for Hale Heroes

This past week I have been getting ready to start another great year of teaching. I am still teaching 2nd grade but I did change schools over the summer break. I am now teaching at Hale Elementary School. I look forward to the change and I'm staying positive that the sadness of leaving my old school will turn into a memory. I included pics of my new room where I have spent MANY hours working. Enjoy!