Friday, June 11, 2010

Feeling Refreshed

I haven't posted anything since my move to the Mile High City. So, I thought I would do one now and update you on all my new things going on in life besides living in a new state. Colorado is absolutely beautiful. The weather couldn't be anymore beautiful. Its sunny and nice during the day and we get these killer thunderstorms with tornado warnings at night. It's be so great to be with Jon again. I thought it would take time getting use to things again, but it has naturally been easy and wonderful to have my husband again! We found a brand new apartment right at the border of Parker and Aurora. So its in a great location and the best part is I can walk to Target. That is bad for Jon though lol! I went out to my school which is in Elizabeth and got keys and started dejunking my classroom. The room is great and even has windows. Which is a huge thing for me cause schools in Arizona don't have windows and they feel like jails! It will be a nice school. Different but I think it will be good. I've gotten to spend time with my oldest sister Erika and her family. It's great living close to them cause I haven't lived in the same state as Erika for like 15 years. So it's nice to have her and my two nieces and nephew nearby! I've gotten back into my running and eating nothing mode (well not nothing but I'm not eating sugar, fatty fried foods, and limited carbs). I feel great and want to get back into the shape I was in February when I did this. I also have a goal to finish the Book of Mormon by the time I go visit my family and friends in Salt Lake. Thats one month to read the entire book of mormon. 17 pages a day. So far so good. Well as you can see Denver is a great new start for Jon and I. We are refreshing our lives and loving the Mile High City!