Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Dream Home

Since I am no longer living in my house, I often times miss decorating my own space. Everyone has a dream house and hopes that one day they will get that home in the future!

My dream kitchen would be a place where the family gathers and hangs out together. It must be open to the rest of the house. It will be near a HUGE great room.

I want a bedroom one day that has HUGE windows that look out on a bunch land!

and a place to relax and unwind.

One Day I will have a precious daughter to doll up a cute nursery for. I just love girly girl things. I cant wait!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Look what I found inside my Easter basket!

So the Wednesday before Easter I was fast asleep getting my rest for the busy field trip the next morning when at midnight I heard, "Ash.... Wake up!" I kept saying in my sleep, "What? WHAT? What do you want?" Much to my surprise my husband was standing next to my bed trying to surprise me. I wasn't waking up to easily and then finally I woke up and saw someone standing there. I was still partly asleep because I didn't yell and freak out because some strange man was in my bedroom. I sat there asking, "What is going on?" Finally when I realized it was Jon my response was, "Get over here and let me touch you to make sure I'm not dreaming!" Nope, I wasn't dreaming and my husband was there before my eyes. I then yelled and started jumping up and down! Jon came to surprise me Easter weekend and it was the best weekend ever. Jon visited family and friends Thursday while I was at school. Friday I took the day off and hung out with Jon and we shopped around San Tan Mall, I got a pedicure, and then we met our good friends Brittani and Brandon for some dinner at Chillis and baby time (as Jon calls it) holding their adorable twin girls. Then Saturday we watched conference and had a BBQ at his grandparents. Jon joined the guys in his family for priesthood, while me and my sister-in-law Kara did some shopping and ate yummy Cafe Rio. Then Sunday we laid low, watch conference with Jon's family then came to my parents and celebrated Easter with my parents and sister's family. It was a great Easter and like I said it was the best Easter surprise I could've been given!