Sunday, January 17, 2010

Gone and Single

So it has been a week since Jon moved to Denver and it has been so hard. The first few days I sobbed and sobbed. I told Jon when we decided to do this that I would be so tough and it would be easy. I thought he would be the one having the hard time, but I was totally wrong. I guess once your love is gone you realize really how much you love them. It's been quite an adjustment to not have him around all the time. Our relationship now consists of a few phonecalls each day talking about what we did today, and monthly visits back and forth. It will be rough but I know we will get through it. Jon has been very positive through it all. He has been the tough one. The first day or two I thought he was going to break down but he did so good and he continues to have such a positive attitude. Im thankful for that cause it helps me move on and push forward. I'm also thankful for my wonderful family and friends who have helped Jon and I through this. My sister Erika and her family who live in Denver have taken Jon under their wings and have entertained him and taken good care of him. My great parents have also taken good care of me. They have been great hosts and I thank them for letting me live with them for the next 5 months! My friends have been the BEST through it all. They all call and invite me to do things even if that means being the third wheel with their husbands and families (Thanks Britt!!) I love my friends and family and I'm thankful to have you all. So it will be a long 5 months but because of them and a great husband to look forward to seeing again soon, I will get through it!