Thursday, January 31, 2008

China Here I Come!!

I have decided to take an adventure with my father this upcoming May. We are off to China!! I can't even believe I am going out of the country for my first time... and it is to China of all places. My dad has gone on many humanitarian trips to places that include; Peru, Hondurus, Indonesia, and Russia. He and I decided to add China to that list. My father and I will depart for China land on May 23rd and will be there for 10 days. After the 18 hour flight (that is the part I don't even want to think about) we will start working 5 days in a town called XuChou which is outside of the city SuQain. There are 4,000 orphans in this place and that is where our work will come in. The team going to China is mostly made of dentists, oral surgeons, hygenists, and me!! I will be helping in the schools and orphanges teaching personal hygiene and just playing with these kiddos. I may also be assisiting the dental procedures. We will help train dentists there on the latest technologies and help in any way we can. We will be able to travel and do sight seeing while visiting this part of town. I am crossing my fingers that we get time to see Hong Kong and other nearby cities and also the tera cota (spelling?) soliders. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and more importantly than touring the sites, is the opportunity to help a place and people in need. I cannot wait!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Inside The Life of A 2nd Grade Teacher

The alarm goes off at 4:30 a.m. and another busy day begins. Off to the gym to burn off calories and frustration from the school day before. Hit the shower and get ready next, but who knows why you even care about getting ready as a teacher because we know you will just get dry erase marker all over your hands, clothes will be wrinkled from sitting on the floor with your kiddos, and then of course all those great goodies you pick up from your kids. Dodging traffic to get to work on time so the principal doesn't see you walk in fashionably late. Unlock your classroom door and turn on your lights. I wonder if I just keep my lights off and hide in the corner if anyone will even notice I am gone all day? Get everything ready for the day ahead of you. Make sure the whiteboard has today's date and journal. The learning center assignments have been changed and make sure your head is screwed on tight. Run around frantically at first trying to get lesson plans ready, make sure all your paperwork for whatever reason is where it needs to be. Next check your phone messages for any angry parents who want to let you know that little Tommy didn't like staying in for recess yesterday because he hasn't turned in ANY of his homework this year so far! Ahh just when you think you can sit at your desk and breath for one moment that blessed bell rings. As you walk out to greet your children all the frustrations and problems just went out the door because like any other great teacher does, you put on the cutest smile and greet each one of your 26 angels and tell them you are so happy they are here today and let's get ready for a wonderful day!! The day begins with reading and you hope with the blank stares your kiddos are even processing one thing, then off to recess where you can take a little potty break (finally!) Now it is math time and then lunch where you have to stuff your face because as a teacher you barely get a 20 minute lunch. Then the rest of the afternoon you are trying to stuff just enough writing, science, social studies, etc in so that they can meet the needs on those darn (I could use other not so nice words) state test. Then finally just when you are about to pull your hair out cause little Sally is crying because Brittany called her something naughty and little Zach is picking his nose and eating it just disgusts you. That end of the day bell rings and they are out the door as you end your day with another smile on your face (this time you mean it) because you are so thankful they are leaving and you can finally get to work on all the other great things teachers have to do. Oh all the extra goodies we just love!! Then finally after being at the school for over 11 hours you decide to just leave cause you are so exhausted because it is 6:00 p.m. and you really should get to your husband and be with him for a few hours. As you walk out the school doors and turn to look at the school you remind yourself that what you do for the children you teach is significant and that you do have the greatest job in the world. Blessing the lives of many young children!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

American Gladiator Here I Come!

So, after the new year I decided I needed to get back to the gym. I use to be the girl who would try to go to the gym after school at nights, but of course excuses always came up. My husband always told me to start waking up in the morning before work and go with him. I thought of him every morning in my dreams as I was fast asleep not going to the gym. Well the day came two weeks ago when I made myself get up with my new personal trainer Jon (my hubby) at 4:30 a.m. and go work out. I have been going two weeks now and I love getting up early and going! The days I don't go, I feel miserable and tired. I am so happy my husband finally knocked some sense into me!! So now I am on a 5 or 6 days a week training mission to become the next American Gladiator!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Our First Christmas In Arizona

Well we made it through our first Holiday season away from Utah. Yes, it was weird to have no snow, but it was nice weather so I can't complain. We relaxed the whole winter break. It was rather nice!! Jon and I were in need of some rest. We were able to spend Christmas with both my family that included my sister Tiffany and her family and Jon's entire family. We went to Tiffany's house Christmas morning to see her two kiddo's faces when they saw what Santa had brought. They are so dang cute!! Jon and I love being close to our niece and nephew. Skylen is 4 and Zander is 1. We then spent the rest of Christmas afternoon with Jon's family and then that night we played games at my cousin Nicole's house. Before Christmas I was sad because I knew I had to spend my first Christmas away from my parents because they were heading for bitter cold Highland's Ranch, Colorado to see my other sister Erika and her family. After the sadness wore off I ended up having a great Christmas without them. But, I can't wait till I get them for Christmas next year!! It was hard being away from friends and family in Utah. I hope I get to see them soon!! Love you all!!