Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our Redneck Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving break and spent most of the holiday weekend with Jon's family. His sisters and brother were all in town from Utah. We had tons of fun during the weekend eating tons of turkey, hitting the Black Friday shopping deals, being lazy, playing games, and the last thing we did Saturday was probably my highlight of the whole weekend. Thats right everyone Ashlyn shot a pistol, and rifle!

It was very scary since it was my first time going shooting. My family wasn't big into guns or hunting. We drove out into the desert near Queen Valley and found a place up against the superstition mountains and set up targets. Many of Jon's uncles, cousins, and friends joined us. It was so much fun!! It was a little hard at first but once I got the hang of it, I enjoyed myself. Jon and I laughed and laughed the whole time. Especially Jon's joke he tells everyone that I was going to hold the targets for everyone shooting. Ha Ha Jon!!

Overall we had a blast the entire weekend and I am so thankful for family and the great friends we have!! Next year maybe you can get a ticket to the gunshow!!

PS. Don't we all look hot in our plaid flannel?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight Friday

Like the rest of the world I spent my Friday night with a jam packed movie theater on the edge of my seat watching the much anticipated movie "Twilight." I will say this that I was very scared going into it because I didn't want the movie to ruin the love I got from all the books! I also did not like Edward from what I saw prior. That all changed about 5 minutes into the movie. That guy who plays Edward is PERFECT!! Oh my gosh I fell in love with Edward even more than before! He can watch me sleep or rescue me from a near death experience anytime!!

I know there are mixed reviews with the movie but I loved it and I give it two thumbs up!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Twilight Tag

Who Introduced you to the Books?-Laura Tanner-I remember her telling me about Twilight when it was just the first book and I told myself I was never going to read a romance about vampires. That was just not my style. Yeah now look at me.. I'm addicted

What Character would you most compare yourself to?
Probably Bella, even though I don't think I am really like her, I just want Edward to want me! Ha Ha!

What Character would others say you are?
Alice maybe? Who knows!

Team Edward or Team Jacob?-Team Edward forever!

Fav. Car mentioned in the book?
Edward's Volvo

How many times have you read Twilight?
Just once

Favorite Quote from the book?
"I love you... You are my life now!" and
"Hell's not so bad, if you get to keep an angel with you."

If you could have one of the powers the Cullens have what would it be and why?I like Alice's power to see things and know what is going on.

What is your Fav. part in Twilight?
The whole book is my favorite. Twilight is by far the best of the series!

Fav Cullen Sibling?Alice

Phoenix or Forks?
Well I live in Phoenix and so I would have to say Phoenix even though my good friend Colleen is from Washington and loves it there! Who knows both are probably great!

If you were Bella and you can't have Edward what other male from the book would you pick and why?-
Jacob because he has a nice body I would imagine

Would you rather be a Vampire or Werewolf?-

Now it is your turn. I tag any Twilight addicts out there!

The count down to the movie is on! Less than one week! Yeah!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

One Night As a Rockstar


People always say blondes have more fun. Well, Halloween 2008 was great being blonde for one night but I think I may have to disagree with the popular saying and stick to my original hair color. Friends and Family kept telling me I looked good as a blonde and I kept wondering if they were seeing straight!

I hope everyone had a SPOOKTACULAR Halloween! I have included a few pictures of my fun filled day as the popular rock star Hannah Montana, from signing autographs at a 2nd grade class, to partying all night at my sister's Halloween Bash! Halloween is never dull with us partiers down here in Arizona! We know where the good times are! Hope everyone had a good haunted celebration. Love ya!