Thursday, February 20, 2014


Journal keeping has always been one thing that I have always wanted to do better at. I have kept many different journals in my lifetime. I started with simple diaries as a young child and teenager that included the joys of adolescence. These diaries got retired during college and I began writing in a journal where I celebrated triumphs and also poured out my emotions during difficult times as I entered into adulthood. I’ve never stayed very consistent with any record keeping and last night I was inspired by lessons taught at a church meeting that I attended for women about journal keeping.

Even though my family is very small right now, what am I doing to leave a legacy for my family in the future? Am I wasting time documenting on social media instead of writing my thoughts and sharing photos of my life for the future generations? 

I’ve been taught lately by someone dear to me who has helped me realize the importance of writing my thoughts down. I’ve been through so much in the last year that I’ve continued to hold things in and I’m just starting to learn that that isn’t the best thing to do. Journal keeping is that tool that everyone can use to get their thoughts out. Whether they will be kept private or displayed for all to read, we should write things down. 

I’ve decided to continue to blog personally. Whether or not I have 100 followers or just one, the most important reason to blog is for myself and for my family to read in the future. This digital time that we live in, we can have been given so many tools and blogging is one of those. The possibilities are endless and I hope my words inspire those who read and that they will be keepsakes to my family who I love dearly. I want to share my love for things that mean the world to me. I want to discuss feelings and thoughts that I encounter. I want to testify of my love for God and the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. I want to express gratitude each and every day and all this will be done with writing my feelings and thoughts down on this blog and in my personal journals.

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angie said...

I think this is wonderful. I feel like I am the only person left in the world who still blogs, but I feel like it is a great way to keep an account of my life. I print my blog into books every few years and I hope that my kids fight over them one day! Good luck with everything!