Wednesday, July 22, 2009

F is for Four, Four, and Four

Four, Four, and Four Tag...

1. Four places that I go to all the time: The Gym (LA Fitness), The Mall, Joann Fabrics, and Hale Elementary

2. Four people who e-mail me (regularly): My Dad, My mother-in-law, Facebook, and Forever21

3. Four favorite smells: My scentsy scents; Grapefruit blossom, Wasabi Ginger, Sunkissed Citrus, and Coconut Lemongrass

4. Four other places I would rather be right now: On a shopping spree at the Mall of America, Italy, Bahamas, and Australia

5. Four people who love you the most: My hubby, my mommy, my daddy, and my sisters Tiffers and Ka Ka

6. Four TV shows I watch: Grey's Anatomy, So You Think You Can Dance, One Tree Hill, and Bachelor/Bachelorette

7. Four of your favorite candies: Sour Patch kids, swedish fish, snickers, and Flipz (are those candy... They have chocolate on them)

8. Four of your best friends: Emily, Serena, Julienne, and Amorette

9. Four pet peeves: when people drive slow in the fast lane, when people leave things out on the counter or in places. There are places for things. Why not put them where they go instead to leaving them out?, when a student doesn't listen to the instructions you give and then says, "Teacher I don't get it." and finally when my hubby leaves his dishes with food or drink still on them in the sink!!

10. Four Favorite Disney, Pixar, or Dreamworks movies: Shrek, Beauty and The Beast, Cars, and Madagascar

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Scott & Christie Lamb said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing! Looks like you are having so much fun! And you're gonna laugh! I totally took pics of my B boards and forgot to email them to you! Do you still ned ideas? Let me know ok cutie? Love ya!