Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Day As Betty Homemaker

So for those of you who know me well enough you know I do not sew. I have an experience and wonderful grandmother who was an expert sewer and her daughters never took on that trait from her. Hence the reason I never received that talent from my mother!! However, I am good at crafty projects but sewing nearly gives me ulcers.

Today, though I decided to give it a try. My friend Colleen came over and we started making panel curtains. After about 2 hours of just cutting the fabric and asking myself why am I making these when by now I could've bought and put them up in this time. We finally started phase one of sewing and I realized that I really do make myself sick when I sit by a sewing machine. It must have been the 7th grade Home Ec class that did this to me. I failed sewing!! I never got less than a B ever and yes I got an F in sewing!! But I made it through the sewing of 4 panel curtains without messing up too bad!! It wasn't as awful as I thought it would be either. I actually kinda enjoyed it after I got use to it. We will see the next time I get together with Colleen to finish these up. She was a trooper with me today. So thank you Colleen for putting up with my nearly caused ulcer from sewing. But for those of you who care, my curtains are actually going to be so cute!! I may go crazy and make more. I will get pictures up when I finish. Wish me luck!!


nicole said...

Wow! Good for you...I can't wait to see them. You need to post pictures real soon.

(I didn't realize how much I loved sewing until I decided to make Asher's bedding...I seriously couldn't stop. Oh, and just this week, I made some curtains for his room by just cutting a shower curtain in half, and then stitching up the raw was so easy, and so much fun!)

Ros said...

K! You are better than I am! I have fabric from last year for my curtains. Will you sew mine next?


Thank you Ashlyn =)

JessieC said...

Impressive! I don't have your email to invite you to my blog. So email me at school jcannon.

The Sorensens. said...

thats awesome. i wish i could sew! and where is colleen, has she had her baby yet??she needs a blog.