Wednesday, September 24, 2008

To our friends Chris and Emily

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Jon and I have two great friends who are going to be having their first baby next week (hopefully, cross your fingers). I wanted to write a few things about my best friend Emily and let her know she is going to be the best mother ever!! I know we do not live nearby Chris and Emily anymore but they will always be close to us. Emily and I have been best friends since we were itty bitty. It feels like it was just yesterday we would go over to each other's houses and play house with our cabbage patch dolls. I cannot believe that those plays days have now turned into reality. Emily, we aren't playing dolls anymore!! You are going to be starting your own family in a matter of days!! We are both so excited for you guys!! It breaks my heart that I won't be there for when little Christopher is born but just know I will be thinking of you. We love you guys and wish you both the best of luck. And for everyone else reading this if you don't know my friends Chris and Emily just know that they are both special friends to Jon and I. We love you!!

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themeierfam said...

AWW....We miss you guys like crazy! And you writing sweet stuff like that does not help! We love you both and hope all is well for you! We will let you know- and send pics of our lil baby... very soon I hope!