Tuesday, November 10, 2009

N is for a bunch of NONSENSE

I don't have much to post and that is why my posts have been few and far between. Here is what is on my mind lately. It is a bunch nonsense thoughts if you ask me. But its is what is on my mind. Enjoy!

1. Can't wait for So You Think You Can Dance tonight.
2. I wish I were as talented as those dancers.
3. I really need to get back to the gym.
4. I have no energy.
5. Why do my 2nd graders wear me out so much?
6. Am I getting old?
7. My birthday is in 34 days :)
8. My cleaning isn't getting done as I sit here
9. What do I want for Christmas?
10. What it is almost Christmas?
11. Wow I better get my act in gear.
12. I am nervous to live alone for 6 months without my hubby.
13. I am going to miss my husband like crazy while he is in Colorado.
14. I am super excited to move to Colorado.
15. Jon and I are gypsies I decided.
16. We don't settle long enough in one place to call it home.
17. My lunch today was horrible.
18. I am excited to have tomorrow off of work.
19. Finally I live in a place that allows teachers to have Veteran's Day off.
20. What should I do with my day off?
21. Maybe I should get my cleaning done now so I can play tomorrow.
22. Good idea
23. I am very behind on all my tv shows.
24. If I don't get caught up on Flash Forward everyone is going to ruin it for me.
25. Is it time for bed yet?


The Peterson's said...

You think like I do! I love it. And as for the 6 months of living alone. I wont lie it is hard Owen and I are going on 5 months away from each other and 6 more to go. The 1st few week are the hardest, but then you start to get into your grove and life just keeps moving. Then you get to visit each other and it makes it hard all over again. Just get past the 1st week and you will do fine! Good Luck!

- Colleen said...

How in the world did you have time to post this...You need to be looking for that white shirt!!!! Ha Ha! Good luck!