Monday, February 16, 2009

Draper's Beautiful Temple

I was looking up information on the Draper Temple today and I got extremely emotional because of the importance of this temple in my life. I was born and raised in Draper, Utah until I got married. I am trully a Draper girl! I am so happy to see a House of the Lord built in my hometown. Now the people of Draper each day can look up on the mountain and see that beautiful sight above them. Its trully like looking up into heaven! Corner Canyon is such an amazing sight with the rocks and trees but now what a better sight it is with the Lord's house nestled into the canyon! I wish I could be there to see this temple be dedicated! However, I will someday go back and go through to do temple work in the Draper Temple! To those in Utah please take your children and loved ones through this beautiful place before it is dedicated. Take those that are less active or non members so they can feel of the spirit! I love temples! I am so happy to have them in my life. To have a place to go each week to clear my mind, and to feel the spirit each time! I have made it a personal goal to go each week by myself to the Mesa, Arizona temple. What a blessing it has been in my life and for Jon and I's life as a couple!

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The Peterson's said...

Temples are so special! I can't say enough about how lucky we are to have so many so close to us. No matter where I have lived so far in my life the farthest temple was 2 hours. What a blessing!!

Fraser's and Co. said...

We probably passed you sometime during the day in the shuffle. We took the kids through. You could have heard us too... we had the screaming toddler, throwing fits, and trying to constantly run into the various rooms. Never take a toddler at naptime. lesson learned

Jared and Christine said...

What a great post! The new temple is gorgeous. We are lucky enough to live near the new Daybreak Temple. I love driving past it! It reminds me to do better each day. So glad to hear that you guys are doing well. I am sure I will chat with ya soon on facebook :)