Sunday, December 28, 2008

Scentsy Update

As many of you know I have been a consultant for Scentsy for about 6 months now and am loving every moment selling product I truly love. I wanted to let you know I now have a Scentsy BLOG that will always be located on the right side of this blog but for those of you that haven't noticed it is; I will continually add new updates and drawings for great prizes. So let your friends and family know about Scentsy.

The month of January is an exciting time for you lovers of Scentsy. For anyone who hosts a party in the month of January you earn double rewards. For example lets say you sold $300 dollars worth of product at your party. As a host you would earn $45 toward any products and then 2 half priced items of your choice. Well in January you could double that! So instead you would get $90 of free product of choice and 4 half price items!! It can't get better than that!

Let me know if you are interested because January is filling up fast. For you in Utah and other places you can always do a catalog party and get orders that way and still be counted as a hostess. Let me know! Have a SCENTsational day!!


Safe Candles by Scentsy said...

Came across your blog today and your post about January specials for hosting a Scentsy party! Have you seen the new official Scentsy Safe Candles blog?

Ros said...

I love my Scentsy! Here is my sad story with a happy ending. All during Oct and Nov I couldn't wait for Christmas so I could use my pepperminty Winter Wonderland scent. And when my winter wonderland opportunity arrived... , my candle woudn't come on! I was so sad, and tried different outlets in my house, nothing. Finally, I decided the light bulb must have burned out, and when I checked it out, I discovered, someone had loosened it! So, that's my happy ending, all is well, and I am LOVING winter wonderland throughout my house!

habsnews2009 said...

Love your blog. I wasn't 100% sold on Scentsy when I first looked it up but am I ever glad I signed up when Scentsy became available in Canada. I just can't beleive how people buy Scentsy like water!