Saturday, November 15, 2008

Twilight Tag

Who Introduced you to the Books?-Laura Tanner-I remember her telling me about Twilight when it was just the first book and I told myself I was never going to read a romance about vampires. That was just not my style. Yeah now look at me.. I'm addicted

What Character would you most compare yourself to?
Probably Bella, even though I don't think I am really like her, I just want Edward to want me! Ha Ha!

What Character would others say you are?
Alice maybe? Who knows!

Team Edward or Team Jacob?-Team Edward forever!

Fav. Car mentioned in the book?
Edward's Volvo

How many times have you read Twilight?
Just once

Favorite Quote from the book?
"I love you... You are my life now!" and
"Hell's not so bad, if you get to keep an angel with you."

If you could have one of the powers the Cullens have what would it be and why?I like Alice's power to see things and know what is going on.

What is your Fav. part in Twilight?
The whole book is my favorite. Twilight is by far the best of the series!

Fav Cullen Sibling?Alice

Phoenix or Forks?
Well I live in Phoenix and so I would have to say Phoenix even though my good friend Colleen is from Washington and loves it there! Who knows both are probably great!

If you were Bella and you can't have Edward what other male from the book would you pick and why?-
Jacob because he has a nice body I would imagine

Would you rather be a Vampire or Werewolf?-

Now it is your turn. I tag any Twilight addicts out there!

The count down to the movie is on! Less than one week! Yeah!


Erin Ellsworth said...

I love Twilight!
I just hope I love the movie!

Chloe and Tyler said...

I would have to agree with you on most of those Ashlyn. Can't wait for the movie!! I'm a little torn between Edward and Jocob though, they're both so hot!

Shannon said...

Ashlyn -
I've read all but the last book and don't really seem to be that interested in that one. Dave says that it was a bit ridiculous but Ammah my 16 year old has been inlove with Edward for the past 3 years. She's read them all at least 3 times. Owns a shirt and the bracelet too. She already has her ticket for opening night at Harkins on Power. The midnight showing and was told by the sales clerk to be in line 3 hours before the show begins for a decent seat.
I hope it's good or she is going to be so disappointed. She has been following the movie details for at least a year now.
Anyway.. I just wanted to say hi and invite you to add me to your blog friends.
It's nice to catch up with you and john