Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our Redneck Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving break and spent most of the holiday weekend with Jon's family. His sisters and brother were all in town from Utah. We had tons of fun during the weekend eating tons of turkey, hitting the Black Friday shopping deals, being lazy, playing games, and the last thing we did Saturday was probably my highlight of the whole weekend. Thats right everyone Ashlyn shot a pistol, and rifle!

It was very scary since it was my first time going shooting. My family wasn't big into guns or hunting. We drove out into the desert near Queen Valley and found a place up against the superstition mountains and set up targets. Many of Jon's uncles, cousins, and friends joined us. It was so much fun!! It was a little hard at first but once I got the hang of it, I enjoyed myself. Jon and I laughed and laughed the whole time. Especially Jon's joke he tells everyone that I was going to hold the targets for everyone shooting. Ha Ha Jon!!

Overall we had a blast the entire weekend and I am so thankful for family and the great friends we have!! Next year maybe you can get a ticket to the gunshow!!

PS. Don't we all look hot in our plaid flannel?


The Peterson's said...

Love the plaid shirts!! I love going shooting. Good Times!

Ros said...

k girl... you have a talent for humor here. And you guys look so happy. What's your secret? I want summa dat!

Erin Ellsworth said...

Very hot in the flannel!

For our first date Lynn took me shot gun shooting! It is pretty fun! Lynn loves guns and wants to get Ali one for Christmas. Since she is only 3 I don;t think that is a good idea!!!!! But Ali and Lynn sure do.

When Ali is bored she says, "Dad lets go shoot some animals."

Melanie Falater said...

I don't know if Ashlyn+gun= the scariest thing I have seen or the most hillarious! Either way it looks like lots of fun!