Sunday, August 31, 2008

An Ellsworth Update

I haven't done too much blogging lately because our lives have been so busy!! It seems like whenever the end of August and September comes Jon and I get so busy that we almost forget to take a breath. As you know school started for me and I am teaching 2nd grade again at my same school as last year in Mesa, AZ. My class seems to be okay but they have interesting quirks! Their individual quirks are stories themselves. If you need a good laugh let me know and I will humor you with the weird 2nd grade stories from room 14!! Jon also started school and a new job all in about two weeks of each other. He is working full time at Hanjin Shipping dealing with all the imports from China and he is going to school full time at ASU at night. We don't see each other much except for our daily together time which is getting ready in the morning and making out lunches together!! As the beginning of September came we both got excited because we knew Labor Day weekend was here! We didn't plan any elaborate vacations, family picnics, or anything to celebrate our long weekend off of school and work. Instead I got very sick on Thursday and spent most of my weekend wiping my faucet of a nose and hacking the nights away!! It's the best way to describe it. So, as you can see life at the Ellsworth Residence is quite eventful (NOT). However, we are looking forward to the upcoming months. I absolutely love fall in Arizona. It means the weather will cool down finally around mid October just in time for the best holiday Halloween. Don't worry Jon and I already have out costumes planned out for the Steadman Halloween Party at my sister's house. I am going to be launching my new Scentsy business doing many hostess parties. My parents will be back down to Arizona at the end of September and I can't wait to have them through the winter here. I also have about 5 friends having babies in the next two months. I am also planning the best shower for my girlfriend Colleen.I can't believe all the babies being born. I feel like I am the last out of everyone to have a little one. So the next few months even though life may settle down a bit, they will still be a lot of fun. I can't wait for fall to come!! Hope everyone is doing well! Love you all!


Lindsey said...

Wow! You guys have certainly been busy. I am sorry that you ended up spending your time off sick. Get better soon!

Eric and Tiffany Kerbs said...

Your sister loves ya. Just wanted to let you know your nephew yesterday was constantly saying Ashee alllll day long.

The Peterson's said...

You are a very busy girl. Sad about getting sick, but glad it is over!