Saturday, August 16, 2008

Beijing, Bigger than ever!

Wow, after one week of watching the Beijing Summer Olympics I have been in awe with the wonderful athletes the United States have! I have been so into these games more than any other olympics. I think even when the olympics were in my home state of Utah and I was able to go to many events and medal ceremonies, but nothing compares to the games in China. I know since I was over in China before the olympics started and I was able to see the olympic sites and be in the wonderful city of Beijing. That has also helped ignite by interest in these games. But the one thing that has captivated me this year are the athletes. They are amazing! First of one of the best athletes I have ever seen is Michael Phelps.
He is extraordinary! He is so captivating to watch while in that water. His speed and intensity for swimming is so amazing. Plus, may I add he is very nice looking! His upper body is oh so.... well what can I say? HOT!!
Another great sport that I have been watching is gymnastics. I know the U.S.A womens team had a rough time at first but Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liuken are great gymnasts. They have helped the team go very far in this competition. It has been great to watch the 16 year old be a team leader! These games are such and experience! I am so excited that the Unites States are doing great in these games. And just think that was only the first week of the games and we still have one mroe to go!! Yeah!!


Lindsey said...

I have been obsessed with the Olympics, more specifically Phelps, too! These athletes are amazing.

P.S. That's crazy that you know the Scarborough's too! Jared is on the bishopric of my ward. I am also good friends with his wife. She used to teach too. Boy, it's a small world.

Erin and Lynn said...

I totally agree. I have had a fun time watching them and I am glad track and field has started! I love to watch the runners

The Peterson's said...

I am very sad because Owen and I don't have TV and so I have seen nothing of them this year. This if the first year I did not have a TV. Sadness!!