Sunday, November 21, 2010

What's going on?

So we have been pretty busy here in Colorado and I have been HORRIBLE with updating my blog. Here is a peek at our lives the last few months.

1. Back in October my family came out to celebrate my Mom's 60th birthday. We had a great time at a million dollar cabin in Breckinridge.

2. They added to my Girls Camp Director calling in Young Women to now I'm a YW advisor over special events including girls camp, YW in Excellence, and New Beginnings.

3. We dressed up as cowboy/farmers for Halloween. Actually I'm not quite sure what it was that we were!

4. I received a $1,000 teaching grant to buy a document camera and projector for my classroom.

5. My two LARGE ovarian cysts have disappeared into thin air! :)

6. My vitamin levels including my folic acid (which was the big one from our problem in August) is where it should be!

7. We can start trying for a baby again! :)

8. I finally got through Young Women in Excellence planning and we conquered it last week with a wonderful spiritual evening for both the girls and their parents. I'm so glad its over though!

9. I became an aunt to another beautiful baby girl. Haylee Jo Ellsworth was born last week. It's Jon's side of the family first grandchild. Congrats Jake and Kara.

10. My first graders did a great job with their Thanksgiving play. Glad that is over too! :)

11. I started putting up my Christmas decorations yesterday. I love this time of year and even though we are in an itty bitty apartment I still managed to make it look great!

12. I'm looking forward to 5 days off this week!!

13. My parents are coming out for Christmas and I CAN'T WAIT to see them. I've been missing my Arizona friends and family!

14. And wow I made it through a hole list without mentioning Jon's life. He is doing great too! He is a trooper I tell you putting up with me all the time! :)


Ali Snow said...

I LOVED my document camera and projector. I don't know how I taught before I got it.

Brandon and Brittani Romney said...

Yea for an update!!! So happy everything's looking good for you & you're already decorated for Christmas. I need some motivation over here!! Miss you!

Colleen said...

So I finally caught up on reading all your posts...after a few tears, I was excited to read that you are doing well now and have tons of exciting stuff going on in life right now. I just wish you were back around here more!!! So keep posting in the mean time!