Saturday, September 12, 2009

J is for Jon's Grad School Update

Well many of you are asking what has been going on with our application process for graduate school. We put in our applications to schools that begin Spring 1010 semester. University of Colorado Denver, Texas A&M and Tulane University are the ones we are waiting to hear back from. We want to live in Denver because its absolutely beautiful, similar to Utah, and my sister Erika lives there. Texas is the cheapest option because tuition is almost half of the other schools and the cost of living is a lot lower. And well Tulane is in Lousiana and that says enough! That wouldn't be my 1st choice... okay not even my 10th choice!! The problem we have though now is that we could wait and apply to some higher ranked schools for the healthcare administration programs but they don't begin until fall 2010. So its up in the air. If we do get into Colorado then do we go and get going on the two year program or wait a year and see if we can get into some bigger name schools. Jon is worried that for competitive reasons a bigger name school may be a better choice because he will be fighting for a fellowship after he recieves his MBA. AHHHHH!! So many decisions... If it were up to me fully I would choose to just go to Denver and get going on it. I hate the thought of putting it off a year! That is just one more year we have to wait!!


The Peterson's said...

Good Luck the waiting is so hard!

Adam+Tatum said...

NO!!!!! I don't want you guys to go! If you half to my vote is Denver....we try to get there every winter to snowboard! At least I would know I could see you once a year!

Ros said...

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now? -- the Clash

I'm feelin' your pain sistah! Treading water can be so, so, so, difficult! And at the same time, this world is just getting more and more competetive, I can see the delimma!

Just go listen the song! =)