Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Goodbye Brinton

I will miss this 2nd grade class so much! This group was my best so far! Each kiddo brought so much for our wonderful community! Tomorrow is my last day with them and I am dreading it! It is so hard to give them up to a new teacher! They were all mine and I want to keep them under my wing forever! I love each of them so much and I hope they grow up to be wonderful individuals! It is also always the hardest when you are leaving the school as well. I am sad to leave my wonderful Brinton home. I have made some amazing friends who will stay lasting friends forever! I will go back an visit but it will never be the same! I love you guys!


The Peterson's said...

Another year gone, Sadness! I am glad that you had such a good year.

shannon said...

OH Ashlyn - what I would give to have you as a teacher for any one of my girls. Thanks for all you do as a teacher. We need more like you and we need to pay you soooo much more!
God Bless You.