Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Messy Life

I cannot believe that we are moving in only 9 days. April 26th is our big moving date!! We are so excited and we will be very happy to get into this house and get uncluttered ( atleast I would be). Our landlord informed us last week we were to be out last Saturday and so I paniced and in two days I packed pretty much my entire house excluding the kitchen and our closet. He called a couple days before our expected move out day and made us aware that we wouldn't have to move until the 26th. Oh man what a breath of good news that was. We were going to have to move in with my in laws and I just know what craziness that would've caused. So now since then and for the next week or so we are living in complete chaos. Our house is torn apart, some in boxes, and I have given up. Why clean and tidy the place when it is partly in box and will be moved and cleaned in a week? I am one to not handle messes very easy and so I have had to just close my eyes and keep telling myself to just ignore the chaotic home I am living in. So please no one come over to my house. JUST STAY AWAY!! Okay.... Fine you can come by but please close your eyes!

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JessieC said...

Sounds exciting. Did you guys get spring break yet, or do you have to do all this while teaching?